Total fleet management – we’ve got an app for that!

Silvey Fleet is launching the latest version of its Miles Monitor app that automatically captures mileage and monitors driver behaviour. This, together with fuel spend reporting and data consolidation, gives fleet managers and business owners unprecedented insight into their fleet activity, transforming fleet management.

Reducing spend – the holy grail

With recent eye-watering increases in fuel costs looking set to continue, fleet managers and business owners will be urgently seeking ways of improving efficiencies within their fleet to help reduce or simply control spend. Our industry-leading app has the potential to help them achieve this goal.

Adios to admin – dramatically reduce workload

Operating a fleet, large or small, requires a huge amount of planning, organisation and administration, especially if processes are still paper based. Mileage claims, expense claims, fuel spend monitoring, vehicle tracking, compliance requirements, duty of care – the list of tasks is endless.

Miles Monitor deals with all of the above, reducing time spent on admin and helping ensure the company meets its H&S obligations, as well as substantially reducing costs. Our new app completes the picture, creating a total fleet management solution.

NEW – Auto mileage capture

Auto mileage capture does exactly what it says. Quick and easy to implement (the driver downloads the app to their mobile and pairs it with the vehicle using Bluetooth) it automatically records journeys which are then submitted and loaded to the driver’s online account. Alternatively, for company cars and grey fleet vehicles the driver can specify their working hours, and journeys within this timeframe are automatically recorded.

Capturing accurate journey data provides fleet managers with complete visibility of every business trip taken by their drivers. Data from other existing telematics systems can also be integrated, consolidated and displayed on the Miles Monitor dashboard and reporting systems, meaning journey information for all drivers can be viewed in one place.

NEW – Driver behaviour monitoring

The new driver behaviour monitoring function helps fleet managers meet their duty of care for drivers in their fleet, ensuring their safety whilst driving for the business. Drivers download the app to their mobile and pair it with the vehicle via Bluetooth (as with auto mileage capture) and are monitored and scored for speed, acceleration, braking patterns, cornering and phone usage for each journey. They receive a feedback score (excellent, average or could do better) and the fleet manager has visibility of all drivers’ behaviour, allowing them to address any potential risks to the fleet.

Mobile App

The updated Miles Monitor app from Silvey Fleet automatically monitors drivers’ speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and phone usage.

Recording and consolidating all fuel spend

The new app allows all fuel spend data to be consolidated and displayed via the Miles Monitor online dashboard and reporting system. For drivers using fuel cards, fleet managers can use Miles Monitor to access fuel spend data from their supplier. Drivers who buy fuel and then claim for mileage can now upload their petrol receipts via the app.

A complete solution

Having all mileage, fuel costs and driver behaviour data in one place provides in-depth, accurate reporting on vehicles, journeys made, miles driven, fuel spend MPG and CO2 – a total overview of the fleet.

This unprecedented in-depth level of reporting gives fleet managers and business owners the information they need to reduce fuel costs – and their carbon footprint – steer their fleet strategy and manage driver performance.

If you would like to find out how Silvey Fleet could help improve your fleet performance call our customer service team on 01454 333 022, email priority@silvey.co.uk or click here for our enquiry form.

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