Shift your focus from administering to managing your fleet with detailed management information reporting, allowing you to drill down to analyse specific aspects and/or cost centres.

We will provide you with a complete fuel and cost analysis, including a breakdown by vehicle of the MPG and CO2 outputs. With our accurate reports you can see not only your fleet’s emissions, but how each vehicle is performing, so you can make small changes that amount to a big difference. You’ll be able to see which of your vehicles perform best in terms of miles per gallon and cents per mile, helping you to choose the right vehicles for the routes your fleet takes.

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Access our online reporting via the Miles Monitor dashboard


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Co2 emissions

Your carbon report details CO2 emissions by fuel type using DAFM rates and the total number of litres for an accurate overview

Driver performance

Our team keep a watchful eye, and should any transaction stand out one of our agents will make direct contact with that driver to get a fuller explanation

Fleet Compliance

You can easily review if drivers are completing their claims in line with company policy

Fuel Analysis

Review fuel spend by private and business mileage and identify the split between diesel or petrol

Fleet Asset Utilisation

Using our reports you can identify which vehicles are under performing

Mileage Analysis

View and compare your drivers’ CPM, advisory fuel rate and MPG rates to see how your vehicles and drivers are performing

Payroll ready reports

Miles Monitor’s payroll-ready, Revenue compliant reports will help you recover business VAT


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“Thank you for your great service and great prices since we swapped we have saved approximately £12,000 per year if not more!”

Panache Travel

“Just received our first invoice and I am very happy, no issue with the invoice at all. Having compared it to our previous supplier the savings are fantastic.”

Komatsu Forest Ltd

“The team were very helpful with setting up the account, identifying ways that we could maximise our saving and providing assistance with driver queries etc.”

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“We are very happy so far with the service. Thank you for setting it up so swiftly and efficiently.”

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