Launching the updated Miles Monitor app

September sees the launch of the updated Miles Monitor app – our complete fleet management solution. A cost-efficient way to manage your fleet, this app allows drivers to accurately record business mileage and process travel-related costs for ultimate performance.

The update

The updated version of the Miles Monitor app simplifies how business mileage is recorded. The app will now automatically record journeys on your drivers’ behalf and upload them to your central account, as well as allow you to adjust settings and assess event data.

Bluetooth connectivity

Your driver’s mobile device can now be paired with their vehicle via Bluetooth, allowing the app to capture journeys when there is a connection, if a vehicle leaves a geofence or movement above human speed is detected. This improved functionality doesn’t require drivers to manually input information, while still ensuring automatic mileage tracking.

Adjustable settings

Drivers can now specify their working days and hours, ensuring that the journeys being recorded are accurate and personalised, within the updated app’s settings.

Event data assessment

Fleet managers can access event data in the new app, enabling them to assess driver efficiency and ensure the safety and wellbeing of drivers while they are on the go. In order to monitor driver behaviour, including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and phone interaction, the app captures data from the device’s built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS. The app then creates an average score across journeys that’s colour-coded from ‘could do better’ to ‘excellent’, which can be optionally displayed on the driver’s profile. These scores can help fleet managers improve performance, save time and money and make drivers’ lives easier.

If you’d like to understand how the latest update to Miles Monitor could help your business, contact us today on 01454 333022 or at priority@silvey.co.uk.

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