No more sweating over licence checking. We’ve got an app for that!

With over 40 million vehicles on UK’s roads, road safety is a critical concern for both individuals and companies. Driver licence checking plays a key role in maintaining road safety and preventing potential risks associated with unqualified or unauthorised drivers.

There is a requirement for all businesses to check their drivers have a valid driving licence when driving for the company, but finding time to carry out these licence checks can be extremely challenging when managing a busy fleet.

Driver licence checking – a time-consuming task

Completing annual driver licence checks takes a lot of time, especially if done manually, and if you have any higher risk licences then you may want to additional checks. This creates a lot of extra work for often already busy managers, especially if the company has a lot of drivers, or if they are working across multiple sites.

Silvey Fleet’s Miles Monitor can do this for you, making sure all your drivers have the correct documentation in place and many of our customers rely on this service to ensure that compliance is met. Drivers can have their first check completed within minutes of giving consent, and we can conduct regular annual checks for all your drivers and also new joiners.

Miles Monitor – the fleet management solution

As part of our complete fleet management solution, Miles Monitor can also check and validate insurance and MOT certificates, providing consolidated reporting and a clear audit trail for your company’s fleet. Drivers simply submit their details using our industry-leading Miles Monitor mobile app and we do the rest – minimising admin and saving you time, while keeping your fleet compliant.

For more information visit https://www.silveyfleet.co.uk/miles-monitor or give us a call today on 01454 333 022

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