Benefits of a fuel card with Silvey Fleet’s Miles Monitor fleet management software

It is no secret that operating a fleet requires seamless organisation, insights and cost management. Whilst there are many fuel cards available on the market, choosing Silvey Fleet’s Monitor fuel card that links to our Miles Monitor fleet management software provides a complete solution for your fleet. Not only does it produce detailed insights that can inform future decisions – such as deciding on your next fleet vehicle, drivers can access competitively priced fuel at 100s of fuel stations.

To record information on our fleet management platform all drivers need is a Smartphone so they can log all their journeys on our Miles Monitor app. Over time the software captures essential data including recording the type of journeys, driving styles, etc, which can help you evaluate the routes your drivers take to ensure you have the most efficient vehicle.


Tailored services that build long term relationships

Unlike many fuel cards operators, at Silvey Fleet we start by evaluating the routes your drivers take to generate a true understanding of your business, it’s drivers and the routes they take. In doing this we are able to create a fuel card solution that is bespoke to your organisation and to develop a lasting, full-service partnership that saves your business time and money in the long run.

Competitively priced fuel enabling consistent budgeting

To help with budgeting and planning ahead we email weekly updates for the competitive fixed price of fuel for the forthcoming week – the price you see per litre is the price your drivers will pay as they fill their tank.

Depending upon the routes and locations your drivers regularly take your Silvey Fleet account manager might suggest a combination of fuel cards. This ensures that your fleet can access fuel wherever and whenever they need it and at the right price.

Simplified expenses

With accounting increasingly moving away from paper and more towards cloud reporting, fleet managers can see all the fleets fuel purchased via our online portal. Each month we send out just one invoice detailing all the fuel card transactions.

What’s more, since the Monitor fuel card includes our mobile app drivers can record any additional expenses, such as travel-related costs, directly on the app by capturing a photo of the receipt. Fleet managers can instantly see receipts as they are received making for more accurate processing of driver’s receipts and ultimately reimbursement. This simplified process saves fleet managers to time by cutting out unnecessary admin associated with collecting receipts and producing Revenue-compliant reports – since our software does this all for you.

Minimise admin and ensure compliance

If your employees drive their personal vehicles whilst on business, Miles Monitor removes the time consuming task of requesting copies of driving licences, MOT and insurance certificates. Our Grey Fleet Compliance service is available via our app. Drivers simply upload a copy of their driving licence and our team will do the necessary checks to validate their details, providing you with a clear audit trail for your business. The app will send out automated and timely reminders to your employees annually.

Maximise security

Cut out the opportunities for fuel card misuse, since each transaction is securely logged and associated with an employee, with information on what was purchased and where. Similar to a debit or credit card, fuel cards are protected by PINs, minimising the risk of theft and overspending.

Want to know more?

Our team is always on hand to ensure that you have the best fuel card for your business. Please do not hesitate to call our customer service team any week day between 8am – 6pm on +353 1 903 9443 so we can help your fleet be more efficient.

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